Newspapers are the first draft of history. For decades, these stories have been inaccessible as they’ve eaten dust in public libraries and gathered moss in private archives. Now, we risk losing them forever. 

Follow us as we work to archive over 18,000 days of Nigerian newspapers. By doing this, we want to:

  • Preserve the information in old deteriorating newspapers, and bring them online, where they can live forever;

  • Break the barriers that restrict access to the information in them, by making them accessible to anyone, anywhere;

  • Sort the information we find to ensure you find the most useful and relevant information at the shortest time possible.

Excited Accountability.

By sharing the progress we make on a regular basis, we’ll be keeping you in the loop about what we’re working on, how we’re thinking. We’ll also be expecting you to hold us accountable by engaging and sharing feedback.

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